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Getting a new kitchen can be an exciting  experience. A chance to rid yourself of all those niggles that won’t let you enjoy the time spent in your kitchen. A chance to design it the way it should have been; a practical yet elegant space in which to create or relax.

It can also be a harrowing time while deciding which finishes to choose, which appliances to select and more importantly; which contractor to use. Legion are the horror stories one hears every day; jobs not completed on time or at all, badly fitted cupboards etc. Some companies are reliable and professional, but often hideously expensive. Others are cheap and sometimes nasty. How to choose?

-We have expert fitters who have successfully installed hundreds of kitchens. We use modern equipment and techniques like laser-ranging and leveling to ensure a perfectly fitted kitchen every time.

-The fact that our designer is also a master-fitter means that he always designs with a practical eye. This makes the installation quick and efficient, minimizing the time spent on site.

-Our doors are pre-fitted and aligned so as to streamline the installation process, again shortening the on site time, whilst at the same time making it easier to have all doors and cabinets perfectly aligned.

-We have developed a technique for installing floor sections that are separate from the floor cabinets. This aids greatly with leveling the cabinets and adds some security in the event of a flooded floor. The cabinets will be unaffected as the floor section is a separate entity.

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